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My Favorite Hour!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hello from StevensTHON!

We are 15 days away from StevensTHON’s 8th Annual 12-Hour Dance Marathon on Friday, April 21st from 7pm to 7am. Today, we will be highlighting our favorite activities and theme hours for Dance Marathon to give you a preview of what to expect for this year. This includes Executive Team Members, Morale Captains, THON Alumni, and dancers / participants!

Minute to Win It!

Morgan Whitlock, Special Events Chair

Kid Art Auction!

Amelia Rehrig, Morale Captain

Kid Art Auction!

Julia Baber, Executive DIrector


Mackenzy Garden, External Director

Kid Art Auction!

Carly Walker, Fundraising Chair

Watching Dena lead Zumba at 2am with a crazy amount of energy!

Mia Bertuzzelli, THON Alumni and Former Internal Director

Greek Life Hour and Kid Art Auction!

Fay Feygin, 3rd Year Dancer

Morale Captains leading the Morale Dance every hour and playing Minute to Win It!

Julieann Murphy, 3rd Year Dancer


Ava Ragonese, THON Alumni and Former Morale Captain

Musical Chairs and Freeze Dance!

Dani Ragan, THON Alumni and Former Dance Marathon / Event Operations Chair

Color War Relay Games!

Fiona Matthews, THON Alumni and Former Finance Director

Zumba Hour! Dena gave us a really hard but fun workout!

Kelly DiResto, THON Alumni and Former External Director

Total Reveal!

Avery Murillo, Internal Director

These are just some of the activities / theme hours that you can look forward to this year for our Candyland-themed Dance Marathon on Friday, April 21st from 7pm-7am in UCC Tech Flex. Stay tuned for a full 12-hour schedule where you and your friends can see which activities and theme hours that you want to attend!

We would love for YOU to join us in any way that you’re able to! Check out and follow us on Instagram @stevensthon to learn more about us and keep up with us as we gear up for the Dance Marathon on Friday, April 21st!

Kids Can’t Wait,

Avery Murillo, Internal Director

And the 2022-23 StevensTHON Executive Team

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