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Child Health Day

Child Health Day

Child Health Day recognizes the care and guidance children need to grow strong and healthy. Every child deserves to be the healthiest they can be. Join us October 5th to take action in children's health needs. Kids can't wait.

Miracles are dependent on the funds Children's Specialized Hospital receives. The current virtual health services are not usually covered by insurance. See below for typical out-of-pocket costs for these necessary services.

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How to Participate in Child Health Day:

  • Sign up on Donor Drive to create a personalized fundraising platform. From here you can send emails, create a Facebook Fundraiser, and share your fundraising page with family and friends. 

  • Follow us on Instagram @stevensthon and have an Instagram fundraiser! Use our pre-made graphics for a quick and easy way to raise money For The Kids.

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Help me raise $40 to cover Children's Sp

Here are some words from our Miracle Kids!

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