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Meet Ariana McGuire!

When you meet Ariana, a spunky and spirited seventeen year old girl, it is hard to imagine a time when she couldn’t walk or talk. But that is the state she was in when she arrived at Children’s Specialized Hospital in September 2010, after a horrific accident. While playing at a friend’s house, Ariana stepped into the path of an arrow, which struck her between the eye and nose. The arrow pierced through her skull, severing her middle cerebral artery. The wound also led to a massive stroke and an aneurysm, causing a lot of damage to the left side of her brain.


At the day of the accident, Ariana’s prognosis was not good. Doctors were not sure if she would make it through the night. But this strong little girl persevered. After being in a coma for three weeks and enduring several surgeries, Ariana came to the nation’s largest and best pediatric rehabilitation health system, Children’s Specialized Hospital. It was there that Ariana learned how to eat again, talk again and walk again. Ariana was released from inpatient care that November and continues to receive outpatient therapies at Children’s Specialized Hospital to help her reach her fullest potential.


A year ago, when asked what she wanted for her birthday, Ariana replied, “I just want my life back.” Thanks to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the wonderful care and compassion at local beneficiary, Children’s Specialized Hospital, her wish is coming true!

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