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Zoom Spell-a-THON

Join us on Zoom to watch over 20 student organizations battle it out to become the Spell-a-THON Champion!

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Taryn just completed her spelling bee. Watch her spell some StevensTHON words!

Spell-a-THON Student Organization Participants

Greek Organization's

Delta Tau Delta

Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma is focused upon the Four Pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. As a values-based men’s fraternity, Kappa Sigma strictly forbids hazing and fosters meaningful college experiences by offering progressive membership development and pledge education. Kappa Sigma provides opportunities for fellowship, fun, and personal growth that you simply can’t get elsewhere. Over 280,000 men have joined the unmatched experiences, involvement, and lifelong brotherhood that Kappa Sigma offers. It is no secret that our goal is to build better men. Kappa Sigma brothers learn to get involved in their communities and take the lead when something needs to be done. Whether it's bringing some deserved refreshments to our local Hoboken first responders, contributing to a multi-organization Liberty State Park clean up, or helping run the Hoboken Grace easter egg hunt, our brother’s enjoy giving back to our great community. Countless brothers nationwide, including senators, governors and CEOs, have said Kappa Sigma gave them the leadership skills they needed to succeed. As leadership is one of our four pillars, we strive to shape men into becoming dependable role models people want to follow. At a chapter level, brothers want to see you excel

in all scholarly endeavors. At a campus level, Kappa Sigma hosts various reviews and study sessions throughout the year for many of the core classes here at Stevens. Giving back to the Stevens community, as it has done so many wonderful things for us and our brotherhood, brings us great pride. Living everyday focused upon our four pillars, our brotherhood, the Stevens community, and the City of Hoboken, is what keeps our organization going strong, and helps contribute to a healthy community.


Sigma Nu

The Gamma Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc. was established at Stevens Institute of Technology in 1900. The chapter is located at 806 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ. Sigma Nu empowers its members to develop as men through the values of love, truth, and honor.


Theta Xi

Founded in 1874, Theta Xi Gamma is the oldest fraternity at Stevens (founded only 4 years after the university) and the third oldest chapter of Theta Xi. The Gamma chapter has moved a number of times over its 140 years, and now resides next to what is now known as Jonas Hall on the Stevens Campus.


Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. The International sisterhood of Alpha Phi has 170+ collegiate campuses and more than 200,000 members. Sisters share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to help one another and their communities. Alpha Phis are leaders, scholars, contributors and lifetime members of a sisterhood that values these traits. Alpha Phi assists college women in making informed choices to reach their highest potential. Alpha Phi enhances and promotes each member's development and learning by focusing on sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty and character development.

Delta Phi Epsilon

The Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon proudly stands by its main mission. We do our best to uphold our founding principles among each other, as well as promoting it to the common good around us. We do this by not only setting up sisterhood events for the sisters themselves, but we host events for the Stevens campus as well. Our job as sisters, as well as women of a university, is to promote these standards to our peers. Just as important, if not more importantly, we engrain the life-learning motto into our lives. We are who we are, rather than pretending to be something we are not. We hope to influence this in other people's lives, especially in our new members in future years. Thank you to the sisters who have encouraged others to take on our message and continue to show what a true Delta Phi Epsilon sister does.

Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma is an organization that was founded on the idea that women of all backgrounds can come together to have a genuine impact on our world. This sisterhood aims to always be learning and growing through our education, service, and aims to create lifelong friendships along the way. With almost 100 chapters and counting, we are seeing our vision come to fruition nationwide. The sisters of the Delta Zeta chapter are people who are always looking to include everyone and want to form deeper relationships with the people in their lives. They're passionate and strong willed individuals who have a vested interest in the future of our chapter and are always working to make it better through new programs for sisters and for campus and community.


Sigma Delta Tau

Sigma Delta Tau is a sisterhood, a support system, an opportunity to serve, a career connection, and so much more. You will find Sig Delts all over campus and the community with smiles on our faces. We love spending time with each other, especially when we are studying for Organic Chemistry, making ginger bread houses, or dancing the night away at a social.

Sigma Psi Zeta

Sigma Psi Zeta (SYZ) is a progressive, multicultural Greek organization that provides a means to success and support for womxn, particularly womxn of color. The sorority builds on the unity of strong and independent leaders to affect change in our organization, our members, our universities, and local communities. We are a cultural, social, educational, and community service oriented sorority.


Varsity Baseball

Varsity Men's Swimming

Our team just won MAC championships last week making it the 9th consecutive conference win. Aside from competing, on non-covid years we help teach the local kids of Hoboken how to swim with lessons, and a lot of the team volunteers with the special needs community in Hoboken, also teaching them how to get comfortable in the water, and how to swim.


Varsity Men's Volleyball

Varsity Women's Basketball

Varsity Women's Lacrosse

Varsity Women's Swimming

Varsity Women's Volleyball

Registered Student Organization's 

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is an ethnic organization geared towards promoting understanding of the the Chinese culture to all members of the Stevens community. Our main goal is to spread Chinese culture by sharing unique celebrations, events, and food of Chinese heritage. Join us throughout the year as we bring a taste of Chinese culture to Stevens campus through our annual events such as Dumpling Night, Little Chinatown, Hot Pot Night, and more! We encourage you to attend our bi-weekly General Body Meetings, where you'll have the opportunity to stay updated with upcoming events, learn about various aspects of the Chinese culture, take part in fun activities/games, and hang out with the CSA family! All students (Chinese or not) are welcome and are encouraged to join us as we appreciate the Chinese culture. We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a memorable time with the CSA family!


Our goal as a club is to help students build professional relationships and networks with workers in the fashion, cosmetics, and technology industries. All majors are welcome to join and will benefit as well. Students will have to opportunity to provide and showcase individual talents and gain exposure for students unsure if they want to be involved in fashion. We recently also launched an online magazine open to all students to share their creative selves and interests. Please check out the magazine here:

Japanese Student Association

The Japanese Student Association is a group of individuals who are passionate about bringing the traditions and pride of Japanese culture to campus in hopes that all Stevens students will be willing to experience the rich cultural heritage. We would love for you to join the JSA family!

Latin American Student Association

The Latin American Association is established for purpose to spread awareness of the Latino community and its contributions. The main goal of LAA is to educate the students of Stevens Institute of Technology of the issues concerning the Latino community and present cultural, social, and political activities that affirm Latino identity.


RedShift is an online creative publication created and managed by Stevens students, which showcases all forms of creativity, including literary works visual art, musical compositions, videography, dance, and everything in between, made by the Stevens Community. We aim to provide creative students with the opportunity to share their talents with the rest of the community. RedShift will also serve as a forum for creatives to come together for discussions, activities, events, and seminars.

Stevens A Cappella

Stevens A Cappella is a student organization which encourages the development of a cappella at Stevens, whether it is through existing groups, new groups, or individuals who want to learn more about it. A few things we do coordinate a cappella performances for existing a cappella groups, coordinate auditions for existing a cappella groups, provide guidance for anyone interested in starting a new group, make a cappella at Stevens more accessible and inclusive for individuals who might not otherwise be involved. Our past events include various performance events, karaoke, Valentine's Day singing grams, and Christmas caroling. Please consider joining our Stevens A Cappella family!


The mission of the Student Government Association of Stevens Institute of Technology (SGA) is to advocate for the undergraduate student body and serve as a means of communication between students and faculty, administration, and staff. The SGA is committed to enhancing the student experience and quality of life on campus. Charging itself with being a voice for the student body, the SGA is responsive to the issues, rights, and concerns of Stevens students. The SGA promotes the image of the student body it serves with integrity and honor and the image of the university; it provides students with leadership development and the promotion of their general welfare.

Thank you to all of our student organizations participating!!

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