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Want to get your club involved?

When StevensTHON was founded, our goal was to unite our community under one cause, For The Kids. Last year, over 300 students came out to support the patients and families of the Children's Specialized Hospital and raised $46,300 because Kids Can't Wait. StevensTHON is an awesome way for organizations to build relationships with each other and strengthen our community while raising money for an incredible cause. 

We would love to co-host your next events with you! If your organization would like to get involved with StevensTHON this year, please contact our Executive Team at   


A Cappella

Black Student Union

Entertainment Committee


FAME wants you to get ready and prepare for FTK like you never have before! STEVENS FAME, Fashion Association of Marketing and Entrepreneurship is Stevens first ever fashion club. Enticing students into their creativity, the club brings forth the ability for students to build professional relationships with StevensTHON! Help raise awareness for hospitalized children and their families. Every donation counts!


Indian Undergraduate Association



Makin' Lemonade

Martial Arts Club

The Stevens Martial Arts and Self Defense Club (MASD) is a relatively young organization in the Stevens community. It was founded by students who had years of experience and a love of martial arts. They wanted to be able to share their experience with the community, as well as give other students the opportunity to share what they know. The name of the club is purposefully vague in a sense that the Martial Arts and Self Defense techniques covered originate from the backgrounds of the students involved. While the original members focus on traditional Taekwondo and self defense based on American Ninjutsu, newer members have also had the opportunities to learn from students who practice Judo and Kickboxing. Most members join out of interest in learning about different martial arts or ways of defending themselves without having any prior training; the club is designed to gain interest from masters and beginners alike! Stevens MASD has co-hosted a few events in the past that include the board-break-a-thon held during the StevensTHON dance marathon to help raise money, as well as a self defense seminar hosted by Master Sunny Park from Master Park’s Black Belt America. The club hopes to get more martial arts and self defense masters  from all backgrounds for future events to provide students with experiences and knowledge they may never forget. As interest continues to grow in the club the current Eboard and members can’t wait to be able to train together again and welcome new members in the semesters to come!


Student Government Association

The mission of the Student Government Association of Stevens Institute of Technology (SGA) is to advocate for the undergraduate student body and serve as a means of communication between students and faculty, administration, and staff. The SGA is committed to enhancing the student experience and quality of life on campus. Charging itself with being a voice for the student body, the SGA is responsive to the issues, rights, and concerns of Stevens students. The SGA promotes the image of the student body it serves with integrity and honor and the image of the university; it provides students with leadership development and the promotion of their general welfare.


We are currently working on many issues related to COVID-19, and wish to carry this momentum into other initiatives when this difficult time comes to an end and we can finally be back on campus together!


We have never formed an SGA THON team before, so we are excited to do this FTK!


Student Life

White Posters

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