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Meet Charlotte Cohen!

At four-years-old, Charlotte is living with Down Syndrome, a genetic condition she was born with that affects physical growth, facial features, and intellectual abilities. Before her diagnosis of Down Syndrome, during a routine ultrasound prior to Charlotte’s birth, it was discovered that Charlotte had a heart condition, a common complication of children living with Down Syndrome. At just two-months-old, Charlotte underwent surgery to repair and create a fourth chamber of her heart, and soon after began receiving therapy at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

"I started working with Charlotte when she was three-months-old; she had just undergone heart surgery,” says Erin Alspach, Physical Therapist at Children’s Specialized Hospital. “The family wanted to improve her strength, balance, head control and motor skills. By one-year-old, Charlotte was pulling up to stand and playing in a standing position.”


At such a young age, Charlotte was ready to conquer every challenge that she faced and was growing stronger every day. Charlotte has been a patient of CSH receiving occupationalphysical, and speech therapies. But for Charlotte, her therapies are merely a means for her to have fun.

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