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Meet Bryce Patrick!

On November 25, 2011, Bryce was struck by a speeding motorist that drove on the wrong side of the street while swerving around a vehicle that was stopped in the crosswalk. Bryce was hit so hard that he was knocked out of his socks and sneakers and he was helplessly dragged for 60 feet, the tires crushing his skull and limbs. Fighting to live, Bryce spent one week in a coma. The social workers at his acute care hospital prepared his parents for the worst. They warned he might not make it, and if he did, he might wake up a very different child due to his brain injury. But the first thing Bryce did when he woke up was give his mother, Kristal, a comforting hug. She recalls,“At that moment, I knew we had our Bryce back.”

Bryce then returned to Children’s Specialized Hospital in the cognitive rehabilitation program, a five day a week out-patient program for patients with brain injuries. Since the accident exacerbated Bryce’s previous complications, he was not only starting anew, he was doing it uphill. However, Bryce has made vast improvements and relearned all of his basic skills with the help of the wonderful staff at Children’s Specialized Hospital. A year ago, Bryce could not recognize letters or numbers and he wasn’t able to hold a pencil. Now, Bryce is doing long division and learning to write in cursive. He continues to fight everyday and he does it all with a winning smile and a bright outlook. Bryce’s mom is thankful that Children’s Specialized Hospital helped him “find his voice.”

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